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About Us

Dearest Client, 

Thank you for choosing Buttery & Co!

To fully enjoy our products, we recommend them to be consumed on the day of purchase. If not, kindly keep them refrigerated. 

Upon arrival best to place products to an airtight container and place in the refrigerator. To enjoy, reheat using an oven toaster for 2 minutes. Air fryer works well too 

We only use natural ingredients in our products and no preservatives are added.

Best consumed within:
1 day - if kept at room temperature
3-5 days - if upon arrival placed in an airtight container and refrigerated
7-14 days - if upon arrival placed in an airtight container and kept frozen

For Cakes:
Best if consumed within the day. If not, please keep them refrigerated as soon as you can. It melts easily so please be extra careful in handling. 

  1. Every bread that we make has very little amounts of leavening agent, which is why it usually takes us 10-12 hours to make a roll, bun or ensaymada.
  2. Our Mamons are so carefully made that one baker can only make 12 pcs every hour. Best to reheat using microwave for 15-30 seconds before consuming. 
  3. Our Cheese Rolls have 3 kinds of cheese in it. Ensaymadas and Mamons has 2.
  4. Every piece of Cheese Tart is carefully formed and pressed manually.
  5. Every piece of Butter Cookie is carefully hand piped.
  6. Every Caramel Topping takes 3-4 hours to prepare.
  7. Our sugar-free Lakanto sugar (0 Calories, 0 glycemic from Monk Fruit) is imported from Japan.
  8. Our matcha powder is imported from Osaka, Japan.
  9. We use real imported Valrhona Chocolates.
  10. We only sell goodies that I feed my family. Anything too sweet will always be rejected. 

Thank you very much for your support and may our baked goodies warm your heart and stomach!

God Bless!